Whats up with these campaigns? Finally we’ve made it to the final of the big 5 topics of digital marketing. In this post I’ll answer questions like what are the different types of campaigns in Adwords?, and what campaign works best for me? Three of the Main campaigns are Search Network Only Display Network Only Search Network with Display Select Search Network Only With this campaign type you can link your keywords you have chosen for the campaign to googles search network. This results in your keyword match types you chose being used against what people are searching for. If someone searches up a keywordRead More →

Like always ill start with the golden question What the hell is Paid Search and how does it work? The head of it all is Google Adwords so ill try my best to describe how this works and how it helps you! For starters ill describe what Adwords is. Google created an online advertising service that allows Business owners, and advertisers to pay to display their websites, products, or videos on googles advertising network. Essentially any entity that needs to increase sales or even brand awareness, absolutely needs to know how utilize this service. The bottom line for using paid search and in-turn using AdwordsRead More →

Like before we start with the question of, what the hell is off-site SEO? No need to worry Ill beak it down for you all! Off-site – off the page, away from the page, NOT ON SITE. SEO – Search engine optimization! Ive blogged about SEO before. However, the main topic of that post was On-Site. you can have a look at that post and many more here. Like I’ve said before in previous posts search engine optimization is not easy. what makes it even more difficult is the changing analytics of google. a quick personal example from my experience in ranking a web page isRead More →

As a blogger who is attempting to achieve a high organic rank in googles search results I think I know a bit about On-Site SEO. Although, I must warn you I am by no means an expert in this field of Digital Marketing. If your looking for an experts advice unfortunately you’ve come to the wrong place. But if you’re looking for the closest thing to an english translation of all the On-Site SEO jargon you’ve come to the right place. As we always do here on the site well start off by asking what the hell On-Site SEO is. What is On-Site SEO? letsRead More →

Welcome, if you haven’t figured it out by now I love digital marketing. So here goes some more complimentary information for you all to soak up supplied by me. The topic of discussion here is Keyword Research. Ive written a post on Keywords before but just the basics so if you’d like, go check it out and come back when your done. Key word Research is a key component of digital marketing and add ranking. The biggest challenge one faces when adding keywords to their campaign is Relevancy it is Crucial that your keywords are relevant to your product(s). There are a couple ways toRead More →