What are the different types campaigns

Whats up with these campaigns?

Finally we’ve made it to the final of the big 5 topics of digital marketing. In this post I’ll answer questions like what are the different types of campaigns in Adwords?, and what campaign works best for me?

Three of the Main campaigns are

  1. Search Network Only
  2. Display Network Only
  3. Search Network with Display Select

Search Network Only

With this campaign type you can link your keywords you have chosen for the campaign to googles search network. This results in your keyword match types you chose being used against what people are searching for. If someone searches up a keyword that is related to your key word match type you will be put through googles bidding war. It is the quickest war that well never see, basically what happens is google puts ur ad up against others and whoever has the highest bid on the search wins the bid war. This is what happens in the milliseconds it takes for your search results to come up. Search network only ads are the text ads we see when we search something up.

Should I use this campaign?

To answer that question I have to ask you a question. Are you making the ad campaign for a company that only wants the ad to show if someone is searching for your product or service? If yes then, YES this is the search campaign you should use!

 Display Network Only

This campaign type lets you show your ads on googles Display network. There are hundreds of thousands of places your ad could be placed on googles display network. However, the way this works is your ads will only show up on websites (placements) that are related to your product. For example if you run a display ad campaign for a jewelry store your ad would only show on websites with similar products, discussions and demographics this is great for product and brand awareness. Choosing the sub groups “Standard” or “All Features” will determine the depth of changes you can make to ads. Standards is the default version of whichever campaign type you choose.

Should I use this Campaign?

Once again to answer that question I have to ask you a question. Are you making the ad campaign for brand/product awareness? also do have plans for re-marketing? If yes then, YES this is the campaign for you!

 Search Network with display Select

This campaign or combined campaign is the best of both worlds. In the sense that your ad will not only show up when your product or service is searched for but you will also have ads for those same products and services places on googles display network on websites that are related to your company! This could be great for re-marketing if you use the all feature sub group.

Should I use this campaign?

You know the drill! Is re-marketing something you’ve looked into? If you’re running an ad campaign for a entity like a home cleaning service that also needs some brand awareness you. If yes, Then YES this is the choice for you.

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