What is Off-Site SEO?

Like before we start with the question of, what the hell is off-site SEO?

No need to worry Ill beak it down for you all!

Off-site – off the page, away from the page, NOT ON SITE.

SEO – Search engine optimization!

Ive blogged about SEO before. However, the main topic of that post was On-Site. you can have a look at that post and many more here. Like I’ve said before in previous posts search engine optimization is not easy. what makes it even more difficult is the changing analytics of google. a quick personal example from my experience in ranking a web page is this; my SEO score for most of my pages are relatively decent and are ranked well without any off site SEO. However, now that I’m building my backlinks onto other sites my page site is ranking higher and higher!

I have hit a few speed bumps in rank though. minutes after created a backlink I jump a couple spaces only to be back down where I was a few hours later… Ill have to look deeper into that issue.

The Duality!

As a digital marketer understanding the duality of On-site and Off-site makes you a different kind of animal. Yes your on site SEO is important but its like having a peanut butter sandwich, its still good but it could be so much more better if you added some jelly to it! building backlinks is important to your websites ranking!

The Three Main Backlink Types

  1. Natural link– When a blogger links one of your posts to theirs because they think it is related to their post, or they think it could help their readers out.
  2. Manually Built links– Emailing other bloggers to link to your site, trying to get your link out there by showing the value of your info to everyone and everyone.
  3. Self Created links– these links are made by linking your website onto other websites yourself through comments and random posts.

How Does this affect you?

creating backlinks can be a very difficult thing to do. You have to understand the weight and effect of the routes you take when creating backlinks. Natural links are more powerful than manually built links or self created links but are harder to come across. building Manually built links is just a matter of how many people you can convince to let you backlink to there site. Self Created links are the easiest to come across but tread lightly make sure you are only putting your links on trusted, powerful, and well known sites. Quality over quantity is huge when it comes to Off-Site SEO. If you have to many backlinks to sites that are not powerful or of good quality you will be considered “spammy” this is a form of Black hat SEO which is frowned upon.


Cheers to moz.com for helping me bring you this information

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