Paid Search?

Like always ill start with the golden question What the hell is Paid Search and how does it work?

The head of it all is Google Adwords so ill try my best to describe how this works and how it helps you!

For starters ill describe what Adwords is. Google created an online advertising service that allows Business owners, and advertisers to pay to display their websites, products, or videos on googles advertising network. Essentially any entity that needs to increase sales or even brand awareness, absolutely needs to know how utilize this service. The bottom line for using paid search and in-turn using Adwords is ROI or Return on investment. You have to choose the right keywords for your ad to show up for or else your conversion rate is going to be terrible. for example if you are running an ad for women’s soccer shoes and your ad pops up for something thats not related to your product you have to go back to the drawing board for your keywords. Adwords is truly an amazing service it allows you to truly reach your bottom line of ROI for the client, service, or product you represent. An example of this is the fact that Adwords gives you the ability to run your ads based on the following; Radius, Area code, demographics of your audience and even the time of the day. This leads to a truly optimized paid search campaign.

What are some different types of Keyword match types?

Broad Match– This keyword match type is the most basic of them all. ex. your broad match keyword (women’s soccer shoes), a keyword search that you ad may show up for (buy ladies soccer shoes).

Negative Match– Using this type of keyword match type excludes the keyword(s) from being potential searches your ad can show up. ex. assume you run the same women’s soccer shoe store in the previous example you wouldn’t want to have people that search for mens soccer shoes to see your ad so you would add that as a negative keyword.

Phrase Match– This keyword match type allows your ad to show when someone searches for you exact keyword with the addition of more information. ex. your phrase match keyword “Women’s soccer shoes” keyword search your ad could show up for “purple women’s soccer shoes”

Exact Match– This match type ONLY shows your ad when someone types  your exact keyword into google. This isnt ideal for brand awareness however, its great for a good Click through rate. ex. your exact match keyword “Women’s soccer shoes” keyword searches where you ad could show “Women’s soccer shoes”.

 Main things to look out for when creating a paid search campaign in Adwords.

  1. Click through rate– the percentage of people visiting a web page who access a hypertext link to a particular advertisement.
  2. Ad Relevance– How related your ad is to your website
  3. Bidding type–  “Cost-per-click” “Cost-per-acquisition” “Cost-per-impression”

What do the bidding types mean?

Cost-per-click– You are charged every-time someone clicks on your ad. (Make sure your ads are relevant)

Cost-per-acquisition– This is essentially cost per conversion.

Cost-per-impression– the cost the web page owner charges per 1000 impressions of your ad.


Cheers to Adwords support for helping me in describing this topic



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