What is keyword research

Welcome, if you haven’t figured it out by now I love digital marketing. So here goes some more complimentary information for you all to soak up supplied by me. The topic of discussion here is Keyword Research. Ive written a post on Keywords before but just the basics so if you’d like, go check it out and come back when your done. Key word Research is a key component of digital marketing and add ranking. The biggest challenge one faces when adding keywords to their campaign is Relevancy it is Crucial that your keywords are relevant to your product(s). There are a couple ways to do this, one option is to simply ask yourself would I (being a customer) type this to find the product I want? If the answer is no, scrap the keyword and move on, if the answer is yes then use the keyword, if your unsure ask someone else, or add the keyword and come back to it later. Have you ever heard the saying “If you cant beat ’em join ’em” well that leads us into Another way to find some relevant content. Look at the keywords your competition is using! No, its not stealing or cheating in-fact its encouraged, think about it if your competition is out ranking you they have to have a pretty damn decent keyword strategy. Do some research and figure out some of the keywords they’re using to out rank you! A big part in key word research is also testing, the significance in testing your keywords with what your intended audience could make or break your keyword strategy. This leads us to the great tools that Keyword planners like google Adwords provides. while testing some of your newly created keywords for you keyword project you can use real time trackers from Google Adwords to track things like Click through Rates, impressions, your ad ranking and many more things. These are all components of Keyword research so use them all to your advantage. So lets do a quick run down of what just went down; what is keyword research? It’s the process of finding, forming and finalizing words that could be typed in a search engine to find a product. What are ways to make sure my keywords are relevant? asking yourself, friends, fellow marketers if a certain string of keywords would be relevant. How do i get a leg up on my competition when creating an keyword campaign? Use them to your advantage (If you can beat ’em join ’em). Is there a way for me to get real time tracking of how my keywords are performing? YES! with keyword planners like the Adwords Keyword planner there are tools in place for just that.

Here is a Keyword strategy I made for a project in my digital marketing class. Ill give you a little background into it. I was tasked with creating a keyword strategy for Tesla and I thought to myself Tesla is already a big name in electric vehicles but not many people know about there energy efficient homes. With that being said I focused more on Products Tesla made other than cars, also I was focused on brand awareness in this field which is why there are so many keywords. The “seed-words” are what I typed into Adwords Keyword planner for it to generate other possible keywords for me to use. There is no doubt in my mind that most of the keywords i chose could be used to skyrocket brand awareness for Tesla in the solar energy field. The list of keywords goes on for about 50 more rows. Hey the more the merrier when it comes to brand awareness.Keyword research


Cheers to Moz.com for providing some helpful information for me in explaining this topic!

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